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Ropes and End Terminations

The enormous range of various different wire ropes, end terminations and accessories allows creative architectural solutions. Whether stays, trusses, railing ropes, rope structures, artwork, façade greening, etc. – there is a suitable part for every challenge.

All ropes and end terminations are made of AISI 316 and AISI 316L (1.4401 and 1.4404) stainless steel of the highest quality. This material group is characterised by high corrosion resistance and is also suitable for exterior applications.

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Drahtseile, Endverbindungen und Zubehörteile

Wire Ropes


Stranded rope
6x7+WC (7x7)

Stranded rope
6x19+WC (7x19)

End Terminations

The Jakob warehouse contains a large quantity of various different end terminations – the variety of possible combinations using Jakob end terminations is truly unlimited. The motto is, creative together. A suitable solution for your challenge is certain to be found. 

Jakob Endverbindungen und Forte-System

Jakob Zugstabsysteme

Vissline® and Univiss Plus

Vissline® and Univiss Plus threaded terminals are hammered onto the rope. This allows very delicate threads to be installed on the rope.

Top: Standard swaging
Centre: Vissline®
Bottom: Univiss Plus


The Forte system consists of rolled end terminations. This type of swaging is suitable for strands with large rope diameters. Consequently, the Forte system can transfer very high forces and is used for larger stays, wind bracing, rope structures, load-bearing structures, zoo enclosures, etc.

The beautifully shaped and high quality clevis heads are eye-catchers and lend the structure the requisite value and elegance. 

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