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You have the idea and requirements; we support you with our knowledge and profound experience to realise your project. With our vast range of services, we can support your project from the initial idea until completion. Feel free to choose the particular service that you require.


From the initial idea, to the finalisation. Together, we will find a suitable solution for every requirement. Our many years of experience ensure that we can provide the best service for all our customers.  Please feel free to contact us by phone, email or pop into our office.


Every project is unique. We will support you with the planning of your individual structures containing rope and/or Webnet. Our services are:

  • Solution identification and system development
  • Feasibility studies
  • Process planning
  • Planning of installation and maintenance



Jakob Rope Systems Planung Dienstleistung

Engineering / Statics

Our experts support you in the design and planning of structures containing rope and/or Webnet structures. Our services are:

  • Solution identification and system development
  • Defining shapes of rope and net structures
  • Calculation of support forces
  • Calculation of loads.
  • Developing of made to measure items for given rope and net structures



Jakob Rope Systems Engineering Services Statik


Over 100 years ago Jakob produced hemp ropes for the Swiss farming industry. Through innovation and creativity, we now manufacture and develop modern stainless steel and fibre ropes, gaining recognition all over the world.

We offer made to measure production with highest quality standards and are continuously developing our products. Our aim is to bring safety, aesthetics and durability together in all our products. Be it standardised or custom made products, we deliver the best solutions for the architectural sector, construction and forest industry, as well as ski-lifts and mountain railways. 


Our skilled and experienced technicians coordinate and supervise the installation of our complex rope and net structures all over the world. Using the most modern equipment, the Jakob technicians deliver precision work. The installation teams can be supplemented as desired by local workers. Our specialists are happy to pass on their knowledge and experience in this manner.

Do you need further information about our products? Do you have a specific project to discuss? We are always happy to help!