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Railing Infill

An interesting area of application for Webnet is that of railing infill or railing replacement. It is just as well suited for uses in private applications as for semi-public or public spaces. Whether in flats, kindergartens and schools, whether in museums or government offices, whether on bridges or on publicly accessible viewpoints – with its combination of functionality and aesthetic understatement, material economy and longevity, Webnet is a convincing solution anywhere. Moreover, the issue of cost-effectiveness is also worthy of attention. In this regard, the advantages of Webnet include not only its comparatively low initial cost, but also the fact that virtually no maintenance expense is involved.

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For architects and builders, the attractiveness of Webnet as a material for railings is based on its high practical value paired with the unique visual neutrality it offers. Thanks to its unobtrusive appearance, it can be employed in the most diverse stylistic contexts and for the realisation of a wide range of design concepts. In fact, Webnet opens up a few completely new aesthetic possibilities. For example, on stairways in which no handrail is required, it is able to completely replace a railing when installed over entire surfaces, thereby bringing out the architectonic expression with an impressive degree of purity. Depending on the lighting conditions and the angle of observation, Webnet is either nearly invisible or visually appealing with its delicate structure. It seems at first to be a fine veil, and yet again a type of covering. While in strictly physical terms, it is just as much an effective as reliable barrier, thanks to its transparency, it does not impair either the incidence of light or existing lines of visual connection. Webnet as a railing infill is permeable to light to a degree that is comparable to a glass railing, yet it maintains the acoustic openness of the room.

The integration of Webnet into a specific design concept is simplified not least by the fact that the material can be painted in many colours. There are numerous installation options when using Webnet as a railing: The net material can be tensioned between steel tubes, bars or ropes, as desired, whereby useful lengths of up to 100 metres are possible. A further option is the use of pre-strung steel frames. Pre-assembled in the shop, they can be installed on site in a very short time and in only a few steps.

As numerous practical application examples already attest, Webnet is a remarkable alternative to conventional, classic railing shapes, not only in terms of design, but also economy. With no compromises whatsoever concerning safety and longevity, it offers an aesthetic added value the attractiveness of which is being recognised and appreciated by more and more people today.

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