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Net and wire rope architecture

Wire ropes and architecture make for a great combination. For more than 30 years, Jakob Rope Systems produces cables, wire meshes and end terminations for modern architecture, loved by architects and designers all over the world for their elegant and functional properties.

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Webnet for architecture

The wire mesh Webnet has the skin-like characteristics of a diaphragm. It can form a plane surface but can also be tensioned into three-dimensional forms featuring tunne-type, cylindrical, or spherical shapes. The mesh out of high-grade stainless steel is highly compatible with creative contemporary architecture. It is elegant and unobtrusive, yet it is an architectural element in its own right. Webnet is manufactured tailor-made for a specific project and can create any spatial structure. In combination with stainless steel ropes, rods or tubes, it is an attractive design element. By choosing an appropriate cable diameter and the option to paint them in all colours of the RAL spectre, there are endless possibilities for using Webnet as a design element that also serves functional purposes.

Cables for architecture

Jakob Rope Systems offers a broad range of cables with complementary rods and end terminations. Cables allow to realise elegant, reliable and economical architectural solutions that go well with almost any material, be it concrete, glass or wood. Cables can be used everywhere, where tensile forces have to be absorbed, for example

  • as elegant suspensions for concrete or glass elements
  • as bottom chords for concrete or wood ceilings
  • as supporting cables for light or signalling technique
  • as railing infills
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Our services

Each architectural project is unique. This is why Jakob Rope Systems offers an extensive service for architectural projects, from the first idea to the final installation on site. You can rely on the expertise of our engineers and technicians who have sucessfully realised projects around the world.

Do you need further information about our products? Do you have a specific project to discuss? We are always happy to help!