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Sports and Fun

Net a goal with Jakob Rope Systems. Architects and designers love the polyvalent wire netting as a ball stop fence for sports grounds and halls. For playgrounds, Jakob Rope Systems offers a broad range of products: from fibre rope nets for climbing to our wire nets for safety.

Jakob Rope Systems’s products are suited for all aspects of sports and play grounds construction, from ropes and fibre rope nets as playground equipment to steel cable nets for safety and security. They allow to create spatial structures with nets that add a new dimension to the childrens’ experiences.

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Webnet – the polyvalent material

The stainless steel mesh Webnet provides many advantages and serves as a strong and durable ball stop fence as well as a safety net. Apart from its low-key aesthetics, Webnet and wire ropes by Jakob Rope Systems offer many advantages for designing sports grounds and play grounds. The stainless steel mesh is durable and virtually maintenance free. It also emits no noise when a ball hits the net and thereby prevents conflicts between playing kids and neighbours.

The net construction can be optimised for any application by choosing the appropriate cable strength and colour. The options are almost limitless: the net can be shaped in a free-form geometry like a sculpture that also serves as a ball stop netting. Or a greening covers the nets and cables providing additional shade in a park. Or you choose to rely on Webnet’s unobtrusive quality and use it as an almost invisible ball stop fence.

Invisible Ball Stop Fences

Architects love the inox wire mesh Webnet because of its discreet and unobtrusive aesthetics. Jakob Rope Systems has developed a construction method that optimises the net for the use as a ball stop fence. It enables different mesh apertures within the same net, contributing to the net’s rigidity and elegance.

In the lower part, where more balls hit the net, smaller mesh apertures make the net stiffer and less climbable. Towards the upper part, the meshes are stretched in length. The longer meshes provide an impression of elegance and lightness. To the human eye, it appears as if the net is disappearing.

Jakob Rope Systems Ballfangzaun Webnet

Sports and Play Grounds

Jakob Rope Systems has a broad experience and product range in ropes and nets regarding the design and construction of play grounds. Nets out of artifical or natural fibres make for great and safe climbing nets with a steel core reliably protecting against vandalism. Steel cable nets such as Webnet on the other hand provide safety and security for the play ground constructions.

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Our Services

Apart from the production of the fences, Jakob Rope Systems offers a complete solution for fences, safety and protection and climbing nets. This allows to closely accompany a project from the initial idea of a play ground to the final implementation.

Do you need further information about our products? Do you have a specific project to discuss? We are always happy to help!