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Bois de la Bâtie Aviary, Geneva, Switzerland

A feathery steel construction

An aviary like a treescape, over which hovers a kidney-shaped roof.

This facility, which consists of two aviaries, offers Geneva a new magical place. The structure, which combines steel supports and a concrete plate that protrudes far into space to connect a filigree installation, is not designed to be spectacular; instead it makes precise reference to natural phenomena. The steel construction reflects the physiognomy of trees and is surrounded by a very fine Webnet construction.

Architect: group8 sàrl, Geneva

Net statics: Pfeifer Ingenieure, Konstanz

Jakob products

Webnet, Ø 1 mm, mesh 20 mm, 802 square metres

Primary ropes Ø 12 mm


SZS Stahlbau-Zentrum Schweiz, Prix Acier 2009, Recognition

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