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Walk-in aviary Zurich Zoo, Switzerland

Experience animals close-up

Visitors can walk freely into the Zurich Zoo's new aviary for scarlet ibises, boat-billed herons and ringed teals.

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A natural habitat

The aviary is designed according to the natural habitat of the coloured birds and their demands. The enclosure is suspended on up to 8.5 metres high metal poles and with more than 200 square metres offers ample space for flying. The habitat's trees provide shadow and an agreeable climate. The habitat also offers a unique experience to human visitors: they can freely enter the enclosure and experience the animals close-up.


Webnet for special requirements

From the beginning of the project, Jakob Rope Systems worked closely together with the architects and the customer to meet special demands. The area’s trees, for example, had to be integrated into the enclosure. Special net openings were planned carefully and funnel-shaped nets enclose the space from the steel rings to the trunk, allowing the trees to move freely.

Architect: vetschpartner Landschaftsarchitekten AG

Net statics: Pfeifer Ingenieure, Konstanz

Jakob products

Sleeveless Webnet, dyed black, Ø 2 mm, mesh size 40 mm, 420 square metres

Guy ropes, dyed black, Ø 10 to 26 mm with end connectors 

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