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Krakow Zoo, Poland

Webnet is not only suitable for aviaries and monkey enclosures, but can also be used to build habitats for predatory and other big animals. The stainless steel mesh allows to create species-appropriate enclosures for almost all animals living on land, as the tiger complex in the Krakow Zoo demonstrates. ‘The mesh composition and load capacity of Webnet can both be varied by selecting thicker or thinner rope diameters’, explains Dirk Pfeifer, CEO of the engineering company Pfeifer Ingenieure, that was responsible for the statics of the net structure.

Featuring an arcing steel sub-structure, the stainless steel mesh Webnet enables sympathetic animal enclosures to be developed, that seamlessly integrate and blend with the natural environment. Providing high strength and security, the Webnet wire rope structure is nevertheless exceptionally light and airy, enabling visitors to have clear views of the big cats both from distance and close to the enclosure.

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Webnet, Ø 3 mm, mesh 80 mm, 1800 square metres

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