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Olympic Park, London, United Kingdom

Stronger, lighter, better: Webnet’s olympic qualities

Webnet’s trength and longevity correspond with the Olympic motto and helped the London Games to leave a legacy

London’s 2012 Summer Games were the greenest games in the Olympic history. Webnet helped to achieve this and was used as a safety net and railing infill in the Olympic park and stadium. Thanks to its many qualities, the stainless steel rope net by Jakob Rope Systems convinced in all aspects.


The park’s railings play a key role in the organisation concept to manage the flow of visitors. The Webnet went through numerous tests to ensure it could cope with the large crowds and fulfil their vital security function.

Its durability and long live expectancy made Webnet the perfect material to fulfil the vision of sustainable Games and leaving a legacy for the London Olympic Park. High precision manufacturing and high-grade stainless steel render the mesh weather resistant and reduce maintenance costs.





The pliable Webnet structure greatly eased the design and manufacturing process of the curved railings. The possibility to adapt Webnet to any form and shape, a more natural design of railings and safety nets was possible.

Due to its high translucency, Webnet is not obtrusive and is almost transparent. This contributes to the modern design of the park. At the same time, the net is incredibly strong and safe when needed.


Due to the complex details and curved design, Jakob Rope Systems were recommended to undertake the project. Webnet’s flexibility facilitated the design process and Jakob closely accompanied the project and answer to special demands. The Frames were built into the balustrate and the Webnet was installed on site resulting in a speedy consultation and installation process.

Since the opening of the Olympic Park, Webnet meets the expectations and contributes to the legacy of the Olympic Games.

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Webnet Frames Ø 2 mm, mesh 50 mm, ca. 5000 square metres

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