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Scoutshuis, Antwerp, Belgium

Safety and Sustainability

An old office building has been converted into a scout centre. Besides 95 beds, the building houses the secretariat of the Scouts en Gidsen, the Flemish scout association. A wooden tower next to the brick building attracts the attention and serves as an outlook and fire escape. ‘The tower is not a decorative element’ explains the spokesperson of the Scouts en Gidsen, Jan van Reusel: ‘Everything is functional and breathes the scouts-DNA. We have used as much sustainable and natural materials as possible and used wood for the decorations. Thereby, we have achieved a blockhouse effect.

Webnet is a part of this mix of sustainable materials because of its longevity, weather resistance and low maintenance requirements. As a low-key safety net it secures the tower, but does not distract the viewer from the tower, the eyecatcher of the building.

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Jakob products

Webnet Ø 2 mm, mesh 80 mm, 380 square metres

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