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Savannah Aviary, Antwerp Zoo, Belgium

The new aviary of the Antwerp Zoo houses a complete savannah landscape featuring several of its typical animals. The transparency of the Webnet enclosure gives humans and animals an idea of the vastness of the savannah.

Many perspectives

Antwerp Zoo is one of the oldest animal parks of the world. The new savannah habitat aims to provide a transition between the city and the wilderness. The enclosure’s concept provides for many opportunities to watch the animals. The compound is directly connected to the glass façade of the neighbouring restaurant. Windows in the wall to the street leading along the zoo allow passers-by to peek into the zoo. Webnet is the ideal material for the enclosure, since it looks almost transparent. At the same time, it is incredibly strong and secure, making it a perfect material for animal enclosures.

Individual and ideal solutions worldwide

Apart from the excellent material qualities of Webnet, Jakob Rope Systems also convinces through its tailor-made solutions in engineering and production. In collaboration with our distributor in Benelux, Mennens, we closely accompanied the project. The cage structure of the habitat consists of specially designed Webnet shapes. Compared to rectangular standard shapes, this allowed for a more individual and beautiful architecture that fits better into the habitat. 

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Jakob products

Webnet, Ø 1.5 mm, mesh 35 mm, 2800 square metres

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