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Railway Security Fence, Switzerland

Jakob Rope Systems is leading in the sector of physical safety and prevention solutions. In this capacity, it was also involved in the prevention campaign of SBB, the Swiss railway company. The programme aims to increase the intervention and support measures for persons in critical situations. A second part consists of the physical protection of neuralgic spots. In this context, a 300 meters long fence was erected along a section of a previously unsecured railway track.

The fence made out of Webnet is practically invisible, also thanks to its black colour, but offers a very high security. The steel net structure is only lightly tensioned and together with elastic posts and the horizontal guy ropes effectively prevents climbing over the fence. The stainless steel is corrosion free and generates minimal maintenance costs.

The SBB sees a great potential in the solution. Studies in other European countries and insights from the European programme RESTRAIL have shown that physical barriers reduce the number of dangerous incidences along railroad tracks already through making access to the tracks more difficult. Correspondingly, since the fence has been finished in early 2017 it has not been crossed. 

Further information: www.reden-kann-retten.ch and helpguide.org

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Jakob products

Webnet, coated black, Ø 1.5 mm, mesh aperture 40 mm
Suspension ropes, coated black, Ø 6 mm


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