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2nd of February Square, Colmar, France

A leafy cloister

Greenings in the urban space are not only beautiful to look at, but offer many other advantages. The arches of the square provide shade and structure the space. Ropes by Jakob Rope Systems play a prominent role in the design.

The redesign of the Square of the 2nd of February in the old town of the Alsatian town Colmar gave the city a new green lung. The 24 steel arches are connected with wire ropes by Jakob Rope Systems that serve as climbing aids for plants and thereby provide shade.


The overgrown ropes create a green corridor that resembles a cloister and echoes the history of the former Franciscan convent that existed at the site. Like the medieval cloisters, the greening provides a calm space at the centre of the town that is popular among residents and tourists.

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