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‘On Deck’, Bern-Brünnen, Switzerland

Extraordinary architecture with Webnet

Webnet and modern architecture: a winning team. Thanks to its many varieties and coloour options, Webnet is becoming more and more popular among architects

The avant-garde architecture of the new building was the talk of the town. The result and the high interest shown by prospective tenants confirm the builder, the building cooperative Brünnen-Eichholz. Eight bars housing 55 flats in total are stacked cross-wise, creating many small spaces for terraces and shared areas. Thereby, the community of the tenants is strengthened.


The shape of the building also creates a lot of surface, ensuring free sight. The railings along the glass facades and on the terraces are made out of Webnet that fits perfectly to the modernist building style. Its elegant look and the possibility to colour it in all shades of the RAL spectrum make it into a versatile design element: either as a striking emphasis or a low-key support of the building style.

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Builder: Building Cooperative Brünnen-Eichholz, Bern

Architect: Nord GmbH Architekten, Basel

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Webnet, dyed black

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