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Sports Ground, High School Nyon, Switzerland

The sports ground of the new high school in Nyon lends itself to various sports. Situated close to a busy road, it was especially important to provide a ball catching net as a measure of security. The ground was completely enclosed with sleeveless Webnet that resembles the basketball courts of American urban parks. For the architects, it was of prime importance to realise a transparent structure which is exactly what the sleeveless Webnet with its high translucency achieves. The neighbours living in the quarter next to the school continue to enjoy a quiet calm thanks to Webnet’s ability to absorb shocks without creating any noise. This also minimises conflicts between playing kids and neighbours.

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Architect: Felhmann Architecte, SA, Morges

Jakob Products

Sleeveless Webnet, Ø 2.0 mm, mesh 50–120 mm, 400 square metres

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