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Golf Park Holzhäusern, Rotkreuz, Switzerland

Webnet in a classy setting

Set in a gorgeous landscape, the golf course Holzhäusern offers opportunities for golfers at all levels combined with scenic views on Lake Zug and the nearby mountains Rigi, Bürgenstock and Pilatus. Webnet security nets integrate perfectly into the surrounding without being too obtrusive.

Jakob Webnet Golf Driving Range Sicherheitsnetz

A stylish clubhouse...

The parc features different courses from 6 to 18 holes and with a restaurant and sports shops everything else that is needed for a golfer’s paradise. The restaurant and clubhouse of the local golf club Ennetsee reside in a newly built wood panelled structure that blends well into the lush greenery. Jakob Rope System’s Webnet was ideally suited as an unobtrusive security net on the balconies and in the staircase. The finely wrought stainless steel provides an appealing contrast to the solid wood beams of the façade.



... and a safe driving range

The wood construction of the two-storey driving range corresponds with the clubhouse’s façade. Here, golfers of all levels can improve their drive. A frame with a sleeveless Webnet ensures that even the most dynamic golfers do not fall down and that ricochets do not hit other players. The sleeveless Webnet with its interwoven steel wire fulfils the highest safety standards and has a certification as a fall down safety net by the DIBt, the German approval authority for civil engineering (type approval number Z-14.7-557). The operators of the golf course and the local club are happy about a state-of-the art golf site - and Jakob Rope Systems about another successful project.

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Jakob Products

Balcony railings and staircase: Webnet, Ø 1.5 mm, mesh 40 mm, 120 square metres

Driving range safety net: Sleeveless Webnet Ø 3.0 mm, mesh 40 mm, 65 square metres

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