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Stücki Business Park, Basel, Switzerland

An abandoned industrial zone is reborn

The Stücki Park transformed a dormant quarter near the traffic hub Basel North into 6000 square metres of modern office space, a hotel with 140 rooms and a two storey shopping centre.

Jakob Rope Systems supplied products for two large-scale façade greenings with different concepts: on the front, an array of plant containers placed on each of the building’s levels creates a horizontal green surface. The other solution, on the back of the building, is a grid of criss-crossed wire ropes extending from the ground level via steel staircases to the roof edge. They support a green curtain, resulting in an additional façade.

Architects: Diener & Diener, Basel
Botany: Fahrni und Breitenfeld, Basel

Jakob products

Vertical steel ropes Ø 5.0 mm
Horizontal stranded wires Ø 8.0 and 12.0 mm, with end connectors

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