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The Monument, London, United Kingdom

Monumental challenge for Webnet

Webnet enables a safe and unhindered view from one of London’s most famous landmarks

The Monument is a 61-meter high column crowned with a viewing platform. It is considered to be the world’s tallest isolated stone column. It commemorates the Great Fire of 1666, one of the most devastating disasters in the city’s history. Built between 1671 and 1677 by Sir Christopher Wren, The Monument is not only a memorial to the catastrophe but also pays tribute to the rebuilding of the city and the solidarity among its citizens.

After renovation works, a new and more secure visiting platform was opened in 2009. MMA Architectural Solutions, the exclusive supplier of Jakob Rope Systems products in the UK, was closely involved in the project from the beginning. ‘Webnet allows to enclose the viewing platform completely without compromising the spectacular views’, explains MMA Architectural Systems director Nikki Errington who was responsible for the installation.

Webnet is a versatile and pliable mesh system manufactured from high-grade stainless steel rope by Jakob Rope Systems in Switzerland. It provides high strength and long-life performance in addition to low maintenance and whole-life costs.

Monument Besucherplattform Sicherheitsnetz Sicherungsnetz Aussichtsplattform Webnet Drahtseilnetz Aussicht Edelstahlrohr mit Jakob Webnet Denkmal Sicherheitsnetz Edelstahl Aussichtspunkt Sicherung

Architects: Julian Harrap Architects, London

Jakob products

Webnet Ø 2.0 mm, mesh 50 mm, 60 square metres
Primary structure: Stainless steel tubes Ø 33 mm, rods Ø 10 mm 

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