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Car Park Sihlcity, Zurich, Switzerland

Safety inside and outside

Sihlcity is a new quarter in the South of Zurich. On over 100.000 square metres it offers restaurants, bars, cafés, cinemas, a cultural centre, a discotheque, a health and wellness area, a hotel, a shopping centre as well as service areas and city apartments. Webnet is a central part of the security architecture of the car park's façade and as safety nets for the staircases.

Parkhaus Sihlcity Fassade Parkhaus Sicherheitsnetz Gebäudefassade Treppenhaus Absturzsicherung Webnet Jakob Webnet Treppengeländer Webnet Fassadenverkleidung Webnet Treppenhaus Absturzsicherung

Architect: Theo Hotz AG, Zurich

Jakob products

Webnet Ø 1.5 mm, mesh 40 mm, 2900 square metres

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