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Macaque Enclosure, Zoo Basel, Switzerland

Ergonomics and aesthetics of sleeveless Webnet suit ideally for climbing animals

The facility was designed explicitly to provide a habitat for the macaques of Southeast Asia. A perfect case for our sleeveless Webnet with a matte black finish. It gives Basel’s favorite monkey tribe plenty of climbing and dangling options as well as lofty views from the rock outcrops. Heated cubicles are integrated into the cliff structure. A creek and a pond allow the monkeys to engage in easygoing water play.

Architect: Peter Stiner

Jakob Products

Sleeveless Webnet, matte black finish, Ø 2.5 mm, mesh 50 mm, 1000 square metres
Guy ropes Ø 14.0 to 30.0 mm, with end connectors
Net statics, production and assembly

Affengehege Webnet Gefärbtes hülsenloses Webnet Klettergehege und Seile Jakob Affen klettern im Webnet Transparenz durch hülsenloses Webnet Sicherheit, Ästhetik und Durchblick für Mensch und Tier

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