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Ilfis Hall, Langnau im Emmental, Switzerland

Ilfis Hall – SCL Tigers. Culture. Conventions.

The Ilfis Stadium has been thoroughly revamped. It offers the local ice hockey team a contemporary infrastructure and is a prominent landmark in the vibrant community of Langnau.

Ilfishalle Langnau Jakob

With its multi-functional extensions, it has become a center for sports, culture, and events that serves the entire region. Jakob Rope System’s stainless steel architectural ropes and Webnet products impressively demonstrate the many options available for enhancing safety and configurability in interior architecture projects.



Jakob products

Webnet Ø 2 mm, mesh 80 mm, peripheral ropes and stranded wires Ø 8 and 12 mm
Webnet Ø 3 mm, mesh 50 mm, peripheral ropes Ø 10 mm
Sleeveless Webnet, coated black, Ø2 mm, mesh 50 mm

Architects: rollmarchini architekten eth sia, Bern & team K Architekten AG, Burgdorf

Innenausbau und Raumgestaltung mit Webnet Innenraumgestaltung mit Webnet Drahtseilnetz Sicherheit und Raumgestaltung mit Webnet Sicherheitsnetz Webnet

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