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Gasometer, Berlin, Germany

Modern Webnet meets industrial heritage

Berlin has a new landmark. And Jakob Rope Systems has another impressive reference.

The jumbo-sized LED screen that for some time has graced the nocturnal skies over Berlin is a radiant example of attractive outdoor advertising. The gasometer in Schöneberg, a monumental tribute to the industrial era, now sports Europe’s largest ‘billboard’ – a 660-square-meter advertising panel. Thanks to Internet-based communication technologies, the 35-meter wide and 20-meter high screen can display animated ads and videos in superb quality. The digital installation interconnects no fewer than 550 LED chains consisting of 27,500 LED pixels. But it took ‘Made in Switzerland’ engineering prowess and know-how to build Berlin’s new attraction. The carrier of the gigantic LED screen is a high-quality custom-designed Webnet structure made of weather-resistant stainless steel.

Webnet-Trägernetz Montage Webnet Jakob Rope Systems Jakob Webnet am Gasometer Berlin Webnet mit Halterung Webnet-Gerüst

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Webnet Ø 2.0 mm, mesh 110 mm

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