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Wahlenpark, Zurich, Switzerland

A dazzling play of light and shadow

The so-called moiré effect (from French moirer; to marble) results from placing two networks behind or one above the other. Grids and lines intersect with each other and create new lines, shadow and a shimmering moiré pattern.

With its 12'000 square metres, the Wahlenpark is a popular recreation site in Zurich-Oerlikon. Since its opening in 2005, the park's playgrounds and green areas provide a relaxing space for locals and pupils of the nearby school.

Ball catching nets made out of Jakob Rope System's Webnet ensure that the requirements of playing kids and visitors in need of recreation do not collide. Below the striking shadow-roof, one Webnet mounted above another provides a pleasant shade and creates the shimmering moiré effect

Übereinandergelegtes Webnet als Schattendach Jakob Webnet als Ballfangnetz Übereinander montierte Webnet ergeben den Moiré-Effekt Licht und Schatten unter dem Webnet Ballfangnetz aus Jakob Webnet

Architect: Dipol landscape architects GmbH, Basel

Jakob products

Ball catching net: Webnet Ø 2 mm, mesh 50 mm
Shadow roof: Webnet Ø 1,5 mm, mesh 30 mm

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