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Illumination Center Square, Tõrva, Estonia

The Tõrva Center Square, Estonia, was redesigned with a new suspension for LED lights. At night, the metal towers in the corners of the installation shine in different colors.

The LED installation consists of wire ropes in three different diameters that were mounted on two levels. The rope structure is fixed on the four metal towers with Jakob FORTE clevisses.

Between the wireropes, there are three types of custom designed stainless steel clamps - at the edge, the center and a removable part which allows to erect a christmas tree through the rope structure.

Installation by Jakob Rope Systems Estonia: Sebacom OÜ

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Jakob products

Perimeter ropes, Ø 14 mm, 260 m
Horizontal ropes in the centre, Ø 8 mm, ca. 700 m
Vertical connector ropes, Ø 6 mm, ca. 100m
Jakob FORTE clevisses

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