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Hoch Zwei Plus Zwei, Vienna, Austria

The oil and gas enterprise OMV has moved between the Prater and the Messe Wien in the office district VIERTEL ZWEI. The office buildings ‘Hoch Zwei’ and ‘Plus Zwei’ are eye-catching. In this impressive project in which Jakob Rope Systems was involved, a connecting bridge was erected between the two buildings.

Curved HEA beams formed the basis and the cage-like structure was constructed with shaped pipes. During completion, they were completely covered with Webnet as a safety net. This had already been taken into account in the planning with consoles and various substructures.

The bridge not only serves as a convenient connection between the two upper parts of the building, but also offers spectacular views over the new quarter and Vienna. It is a perfect showcase for Webnet’s qualities: the light stainless steel net structure is a reliable and robust fall prevention. At the same time, it is highly translucent and guarantees unobstructed views at maximum safety.


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Architect: Martin Kohlbauer
Installation: Seilerei Wüstner GmbH
Partners: Urbas Maschinenfabrik GmbH
Statik: D.I.Dr. techn. R. Baban

Jakob products

Webnet rope Ø 1,5 mm, mesh size 60 mm, total net area 1.400 square metres
Supporting ropes Ø 5,0 mm

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