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Webnet-Façade, Estavayer-le-Lac, Switzerland

A Webnet curtain façade with integrated graphic elements

A Webnet grid measuring 18.5 x 6.8 m is mounted on the east and west façades of the building. Two thousand equilateral aluminum triangles with a side length of 160 mm are riveted onto the Webnet at each façade. The triangles constitute a haptic structure and in the corners are assembled to form the word „HOTEL“. The reflective film applied to the aluminum triangles bounces back the incident light by day and night.

Together with you, Jakob Rope Systems individually designs your façade. You profit from our established product range like the stainless steel mesh Webnet as well as from our RopeLab and its passion to find new and innovative design solutions that suit your specific needs.

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Jakob products

Webnet, ø 2 mm, mesh aperture 60 mm, 250 square metres

Vertical stabilizer ropes ø 6 mm

4000 coated aluminium triangles, side length 160 mm

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