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Ganter Bridge, Simplon Road, Switzerland

A discreet safety net for a prominent bridge

Webnet provides a subtle safety solution for the iconic bridge

With a span of 678 meters, the Ganter Bridge is Switzerland’s longest suspension bridge. It is located at an altitude of 1450 meters asl. The cabled-stayed bridge traverses the valley along an “S” curve. It was designed by Christian Menn.

In the course of restoration works in 2006, the authorities implemented security measures against bridge suicides. Its discreet appearance was a key argument in favor of the solution with Webnet. The stainless steel mesh does not visually compete with the landmark architecture and provides a reliable structural measure for the prevention of suicides.

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Webnet rope Ø 2.0 mm, mesh size 100 mm, 536 individual nets, total Webnet area 3200 m², held by 1612 surround ropes, Ø 6.0 mm, with clevis ends swaged on both sides.

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