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Aviary, Zoo Temaikèn, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Birds from five continents, one Webnet

Visitors can move about freely in the aviary and observe the birds in their habitat. The enclosure consists of three parts and is home to bird species from all over the world. The use of Webnet has allowed the realisation of an enclosure that does not create the impression of a cage. As one looks upward to the 12 metre high steel arches, the transparent Webnet structure is nearly invisible. “A near-natural home for animals made of weatherproof stainless steel ropes that do not create the impression of a cage and fascinate with their unique design.” 

Jakob Webnet Voliere Buenos Aires Webnet Stahlseilnetz Vogelkäfig Jakob Webnet Tiergehege Jakob Rope Systems Vogelgehege Jakob Rope Systems Vogelgehege

While the big aviary's 7500 square metres offer space for birds from Africa, Eurasia and Oceania, the smaller aviary hosts birds from the Americas. Jakob Rope Systems was responsible for structural engineering, production, and assembly of both structures.

Jakob Webnet Vogelgehege Drahtseilnetz Webnet Edelstahl Vögel Tiergehege aus Jakob Webnet Volieren aus Edelstahlnetz Jakob Jakob Rope Systems Webnet Tiergehege Vogelkäfig Jakob Webnet

Architects: Hamton & Rivoira Arquitectos, Buenos Aires

Jakob products

Webnet Ø 1 mm, mesh 30 mm, 6500 square metres
Guy ropes Ø 10 to 16 mm, with end terminations
Net structural statics, manufacturing and assembly

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