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Royal Zoo Artis, Amsterdam, Netherlands

An elegant enclosure for elegant animals

The sleek yet attractive enclosure offers a home for jaguars and leopards.

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Webnet’s flexibility and customised production by Jakob Rope Systems made the difference in this case and contributed to the elegant design of this enclosure. Instead of rectangular standard shapes, Jakob Rope Systems supplied specially shaped nets. Together with the black colour of the net structure, this ensures that the elegance of the enclosure structure matches the elegance of the animals living within.

Architect / net statics: Pfeifer Ingenieure, Konstanz

Jakob products

Webnet, dyed black, Ø 3.5 mm, mesh 90 mm

Webnet, dyed black, Ø 3.5 mm, mesh 60 mm

Total net area 1450 square metres

Guy rope Ø 16–32 mm, with end connectors

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