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Zoo La Garenne, Le Vaud, Switzerland

Europe’s highest aviary

The reliable enclosure construction out of Webnet and steel poles allows to create spacious aviaries at low costs.

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In 2016, the zoo La Garenne moved to a completely new site that provides more space and more species-appropriate enclosures for all animals. For the challenging project of a new big aviary, the zoo chose the tried and tested enclosure construction with Webnet by Jakob Rope Systems. Jakob Rope Systems produced and install the nets for the aviary that is the highest construction of its kind in Europe. At 28 metres height, it provides enough space for the vultures and ibexes living on site. Visitors can enter the enclosure and get into close contact with the animals without barriers.

The light and robust stainless steel net Webnet is well established as the ideal material for modern animal enclosures. Suspended on steel girders, it creates elegant zoo landscapes that convey a sense of transparency. The large span widths allow to enclose huge volumes and thereby enable more animal friendly habitats.

Design & net statics: Pfeifer Ingenieure, Konstanz

Jakob products

Webnet, Ø 4 mm, mesh 100 mm

Webnet, Ø 3 mm, mesh 120 mm

Total net area 3500 square metres

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